Cork Capital Tech? Teamworks Daniel Mackey

It’s a common misconception that the tech sector lives and breathes only in Dublin. There are plenty of local and international companies based all around Ireland and one notable success story is Cork based business software developer TeamWork.  Niall Kitson met with co-founder Daniel Mackey to talk about how the company came into being, why he spent $500,000 on a domain name and how Cork is well on the way to challenging Dublin as the nation’s tech capital.



Astronaut Dan Tani

If you are any way interested in space, you absolutely have to know more about this summers Space Studies Program at Cork Institute of Technology. This is where people with a serious career in space come to learn from the people who have actually done it … and thankfully for us, some of those lectures and events are open to the public.  You’ll get details at

One of the star attractions (pardon the pun) is astronaut Dan Tani who has spent a total of 132 days in space over two missions. One of those was a 4 month stay on the International Space Station. And of course, it’s impossible to stay in a small space like that for 4 months, so he went for a few space walks while he was at it!!


We chat to him and find out what it’s like to be strapped in to the Space Shuttle at T minus 10 seconds!