798: Data for Good

We check out what Ireland was searching for on Google in 2019 and can’t believe the No.1 ‘How to’ search! Also, your personal data is not just used for targeted advertising. It can be used for good also. We chat with Dr Derick Mitchell about how our information can be used to provide tailored personal services.


797: NASA

Artificial Intelligence is ‘going where no man has gone before’ as NASA enables space probes to wander the universe, decide for themselves what’s interesting and where to go next.

We interviewed NASA’s Head of Artificial Intelligence Dr Steve Chien at Ireland’s National Analytics Summit who shared some amazing insights into the operation.


796: Toy Show

Get the best gadgets for your Christmas Stocking with our Christmas Toy Show. Even better, all our suggestions are under €50 so everyone in the audience can afford one !!


795: Sci-Com

This week we look at the signing of the National Broadband Plan and ask if the projejct is going to be up to the needs of Internet users by the time it finishes.

We also talk to journalist Brian Trench, senior lecturer in the School of Communications at DCU, about the short history of science communication in Ireland.


794: Just Ask!

On the slate this week is Googles new hi-spec games service and the launch of Apple TV+.

We also hear how advances in natural language processing, cloud computing and artificial intelligence mean you won’t need to interrogate large data sets to look for answers … all you’ll have to do is ask! A fascinating interview with our guest Edward McDonnell, director of the Centre for Research into Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


793: Smartling Speakers

How are smart speakers handling regional accents and languages to become more mainstream? Niall chats with Smartling co-founder Jack Welde at their Dublin office to discover how they are making content on the Web easier to access by mixing automation with human editors.


792: Inside GitHub

We chat to Dana Lawson from GitHub about how the best people in tech fall into it by accident and how our favourite software platform GitHub operates worldwide without a single office!


791: Faster Smarter Happier

Is it possible to work faster smarter and happier?!! Yes says Wendy Van Tol from PwC. Hear all on the show. We also look at the continuing fall of Facebook with this weeks latest developments.


790: Whats Missing from Googles Pixel 4

We reveal the massive omission from Googles big Pixel 4 announcement, ponder the chances of success for Facebooks currency and chat with Dr Celine Mullins from Adaptas about how you can learn things faster with less effort.


789: Future World

With Extinction Rebellion and increases in carbon tax, we are more aware than ever of our role in stopping climate change. But what would a low-carbon world look like at street level? Dr Yvonne Farrell from Grafton Architects has some fantastic ideas they implement in their designs.