Apple WWDC 2017

An in-depth look at this years releases from Apple.  One of us is impressed … the other, no so much! Regardless, lots of big announcements from massive improvements to iMac’s to new OS upgrade and of course the headline grabbing iOS 11.


Pitfall Ads & How to Avoid – Jamie McCormick


If you use online advertising as part of your business, or are just curious how it all works, this is a rare insight into the real world expense, pitfalls and the success stories, from Jamie McCormick at Chrysalis, who has been doing this a long time and is now helping people avoid learning the hard way.



Insight Centre’s – Prof Barry O’Sullivan

Automation is changing the world, and in 10 years your job may be not be done by a human! Professor Barry O’Sullivan from the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, has some amazing insights that will surprise!  We also get down and dirty with Microsofts last Surface Pro tablet/laptop.


Future of Retail – Howard Saunders

How will tech change our shopping experience in years to come?  Howard Saunders from 22nd & 5th has some amazing insights.  We also find out the real meaning behind this weeks Google I/O


Convercon with Paul Sweeney

Now we’re talking to Siri, Alexa, Google and more … what next ?  The possibilities are amazing as we find out from our interview with Paul Sweeney from ConverCon.  Also, the latest news on another tech death and we reveal exactly how Macron’s French election team were hacked.


Warducks with Nikki Lannen

Hear why we were impressed with our visit to Dublin games studio, Warducks, and chat with CEO Nikki Lannen. Also, we finally found some new kit we want … or have we ??? Devils in the detail.


AR 2017 with Mark Sage

Amazing conversation about Augmented Reality in the workplace with Mark Sage from the  Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA).   Mark is a keynote speaker at this year’s ARVR Innovate at the RDS on 11 May. More at

We also have the latest on Now TV’s arrival in Ireland and why students are shunning STEM.



Tech Millionaires

Find out how to get your tech start-up in front of a room full of millionaires with Peter Madsen from the Vroom conference in Monaco. Also hear how the IoT is affecting advertising with Aoife Hudson from Kenetic.


Drones with Sky Tango

The latest on drones with Sky Tango co-founder Steve Flynn. Plus, a stunning admission from Apple and why you don’t want to be an internet user in the USA.


Beyond Fibre Speed with Dr Prince Anadarajah

Fibre may eventually be too slow. Crazy! Listen to our chat with Dr Prince who is already working on a new plan that will blow fibre speeds out of the water.  We also have all the lowdown on the very hot new Samsung Galaxy S8.