Prof Armando Fox on creating the first MOOC

We talk with Prof Armando Fox from UC Berkeley to get the inside track on how a missing textbook led to the creation of the first massive open online course.



Cork Capital Tech? Teamworks Daniel Mackey

It’s a common misconception that the tech sector lives and breathes only in Dublin. There are plenty of local and international companies based all around Ireland and one notable success story is Cork based business software developer TeamWork.  Niall Kitson met with co-founder Daniel Mackey to talk about how the company came into being, why he spent $500,000 on a domain name and how Cork is well on the way to challenging Dublin as the nation’s tech capital.



Defending Google

Using Google services means giving up some of your privacy.  Is it worth it? Very interesting discussion this week!


Datacentres with Interxion’s Tanya Duncan

We get a terrific insight to the datacentre business with Tanya Duncan, MD of Interxion Ireland.


National Broadbanned

We show how the National Broadband Plan failed and how it can be rescued. We also talk Facebook’s problems and how they’re affected by influencers.


DCU Alpha’s Mark McCarville on Ireland’s Space Economy

The European Space Agency is on the lookout for new ideas, here’s how you can get involved.



As much as we love tech … there are some things we are just done with! What are the things that were once uber cool, that are now uber gone?


California Calling for EirLoop

Find out how one team of Irish students plans to make the most of Elon Musk’s next form of transport.


WP Engine’s Jason Cohen on putting down Irish roots

The company that makes WordPress better settles down, and why the Government suddenly has an interest in space exploration.


Best Sci-Fi Ever

We love sci-fi books as much as sci-fi movies but which were the best ever? Niall and Dusty recommend their favourites.