GM of Dell – Aisling Keegan

A new report by the Institute for the Future for Dell Technologies, has painted an interesting picture of that our lives will be like in 2030. If all goes to plan, automation will replace humans in manufacturing, many of the biggest companies in the world won’t be around and almost half the population won’t have a steady employer. Is this all good news?

This week Niall Kitson met up with Dell EMC VP and General Manager for Ireland Aisling Keegan to talk about this vision of the future and some of the big changes that have happened internally for the company over the past year.


What Really Happened Minitel with John Sterne

In 1988 a little device appeared on the Late Late Show that we were all told was going to be the future of telecommunications in Ireland. That didn’t quite turn out to be the case and not long after the Minitel entered the Irish market, it was gone. What went wrong for this system that was a precursor to the internet we know today? Niall Kitson spoke to Tech Archives founder John Sterne to get the inside story.



Astronaut Dan Tani

If you are any way interested in space, you absolutely have to know more about this summers Space Studies Program at Cork Institute of Technology. This is where people with a serious career in space come to learn from the people who have actually done it … and thankfully for us, some of those lectures and events are open to the public.  You’ll get details at

One of the star attractions (pardon the pun) is astronaut Dan Tani who has spent a total of 132 days in space over two missions. One of those was a 4 month stay on the International Space Station. And of course, it’s impossible to stay in a small space like that for 4 months, so he went for a few space walks while he was at it!!


We chat to him and find out what it’s like to be strapped in to the Space Shuttle at T minus 10 seconds!


Ethical dilemmas in tech with Prof Shannon Vallor

This week; if a celebrity retweets you, would that have more emotional impact than a birthday card from your mother? Do you get upset when your close friends don’t like some of your Facebook updates? Do you constantly have to dodge people staring down at their smartphones?

One person who is looking at how technology changes our behaviour and values for better, or worse, is Prof Shannon Vallor. She was in town to deliver a lecture at Trinity College this week and Niall Kitson caught up with her, to find out her thoughts on how technology can help us live not just more productive lives, but more ethical ones, too.


Design Thinking with Lesley Tully

The annual Design Thinking Ireland conference is taking place at the Helix in Dublin from 22nd to 23rd June. This year brings together another slate of top class speakers from Ireland and around Europe looking at how to come up with creative solutions to problems in business.

One of this year’s speakers is Lesley Tully, Head of Design Thinking at Bank of Ireland, and Niall spoke to her about the links between art and business and why fresh thinking isn’t just for tech start-ups.