Future AI with Azeem Azhar

Behind the scenes at the Mindshare Event for a deeper dive into the future of topics such as AI and the ethics of technology with award-winning entrepreneur, influencer and curator of the newsletter Exponential View, Azeem Azhar

Young Scientists 2019

Each year we a blown away with the talent, ideas and sophistication of  exhibitors at the Young Scientist Exhibition. Join us from the floor of the RDS where we bring you another round of amazing ideas from the upcoming generation.


2018 Wrapped

For Christmas, we wrap up the year and look ahead to some very exciting things for 2019. Tech never stops!  Merry Christmas.


Christmas Conspiracy

As we approach the end of the year, some tech companies are not behaving as we’d expect. Deliberate or accidental? Hear our theories on Huawei, Facebook, Apple, Google and more.


Xmas Toy Show

Tubridy has the kids. We have the real toys! Laptops, cameras, tablets, gadgets and anything with an electronic pulse. But which is best? Listen for an extended special.


Digitising Movies with IFI

The Irish Film Institute’s project of digitising its archive has just been nominated for an award at this year’s Digital Preservation Awards in direct competition with the White House in Washington and the UK Parliamentary Archives. We find out more with the Head of the Irish Fim Archive Kasandra O’Connell and Raelene Casey.


Tech Movies with Paul Young – CEO of Cartoon Saloon

We chat with CEO Paul Young of Kilkenny-based animation studio Cartoon Saloon, who have a number of Oscar-nominated films to their credit, about the impact of technology on how their films are made and distributed


Foldable Phones

We look at the future for Samsung’s foldable phone and chat analytics with Jennifer Cruise from Aon’s Centre for Analytics who shares new and unexpected sources of raw material.


Macbook Air or Pro

We delve into Apples announcement this week of a new Macbook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro. We try to decide which is best, between the MBA & the MBP, and ponder if Steve Jobs could be rolling in his grave about it all.


5G Reality with Martin Péronnet

Monaco Telecom have just completed a live trial of 5G and CEO Martin Péronnet fills us in on what is all about.

We ponder the feasibility of e-voting in Ireland and look at the hot new toy from Huawei – the Mate 20 Plus – with some features that blow Samsung and Apple away.