Design Thinking – Lesley Tully

Every problem needs and elegant solution and that is what design thinking is about.  One of the best in the field is the Bank of Ireland’s Lesley Tully.  We discover more about her design thinking and how to approach problems from different angles.


HP Boss Gary Tierney

We chat with the MD of HP in Ireland Gary Tierney about the future of the PC and the very interesting strategies they have to remain one of the worlds market leaders in computing.


Shopping Secrets

How does Zalando or other major shopping sites like Amazon know so well what to recommend to you. It’s all in how they mine data. Find out more with Adam Birmingham from Zalando.


Big Foot Digital

We look deeper into Facebook data problems for users with Kevin Koidl, a researcher working on the Big Foot Digital project at the Adapt Centre. We also have good news for Netflix and Sky Sports fans going on holidays!



We find out exactly how Cambridge Analytical got the data of 50 million users, and how Ireland is instrumental in cleaning up Facebook’s data problems. We also hear from Eoin O’Dell at Trinity’s School of Law, how you can protect yourself from being a victim of data theft.


Machines Learning to Speak Irish

For St Patrick’s weekend, we wanted to find out if machine learning and natural language processing could handle the Irish language. Niall met with Dr Theresa Lynn at the Adapt Centre and got a rather surprising answer!



We grab coffee and look over the stories of the week. Earwig and hear about tech trouble for Trump, spy dolls, smart cars & dumb people, plus why iTunes is dumping music.


MWC & Smarter Cities

We’re checking out what’s new from the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona and also talk how entire cities could be turned into fully connected smart cities with Prof Siobhan Clarke from the Connect Centre at Trinity.


Digital Protection with Laura Fannin

What juicy details of your personal life can corporations, social networks or governments legally hold on to? The General Data Protection Regulation is coming to protect you and what people know about you.  We get the lowdown from Laura Fannin, a specialist partner in this area from Hayes Solicitors.


AutoEntry AI – Brendan Woods

This week we talk big *** rockets and look at a new AI app for small business, which uses artificial intelligence and mobile technology to beat online accounting systems hands down.