UXDX – Lea Schonfelder

Last week, web designers, developers and user experience experts came to Dublin for UXDX. Among the speakers was Lea Schonfelder, one of the designers of ‘Monument Valley 2’, which has made $14 million in 2 years and even featured in House of Cards.

What’s interesting about the game is that it came about by accident, when some developers applied the principles of user experience in web design, to mobile gaming.

Niall Kitson sat down with Lea to talk about the game’s appeal and the development process behind it.


404 – Katharine Jarmul

Ireland’s biggest tech meetup 404 takes place this weekend at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham.  Earlier this week Niall caught up one of the featured speakers, Katharine Jarmul, to discuss her fascination with AI and art.

Space Week – Niall Smith CIT

Space Week kicks off next week, with a series of more than 100 events taking place around Ireland, so we check in with Niall Smith from Cork Institute of Technology to find out more about Ireland’s future in space.




This week we have an amazing chat for you with one of Ireland’s leaders on the topic of cyborgs.

Shane Patrick McNamee is an independent researcher, policy analyst within the Irish Civil Service and blogger, at ‘The Undiciplined’ dot com. His area of interest is looking at our new world of virtual and augmented reality, robots and cyborgs and wonders where all these new powerful technologies sit within the law.


Apple X

Reaction to Apples latest announcements from iPhone to iOS updates and a look into the future at what the iPhone 12 might look like!


Eirgrid – Marie Hayden

We’ve all heard of Eirgrid … but what do they actually do and why are they so central to our tech lives ?  Niall meets Eirgrid’s Manager of Senario Planning, Marie Hayden, and finds out loads.


Yes No

Has tech really improved our lives, or just changed how we do things? We play a little game of yes/no on a list of tech items with surprising results!


Tony Scott – Young Scientists

With 60,000 students picking up their Leaving Cert results this week, Tony Scott evaluates their potential future in tech. We also look in detail at the controversial gender report from Google.


GM of Dell – Aisling Keegan

A new report by the Institute for the Future for Dell Technologies, has painted an interesting picture of that our lives will be like in 2030. If all goes to plan, automation will replace humans in manufacturing, many of the biggest companies in the world won’t be around and almost half the population won’t have a steady employer. Is this all good news?

This week Niall Kitson met up with Dell EMC VP and General Manager for Ireland Aisling Keegan to talk about this vision of the future and some of the big changes that have happened internally for the company over the past year.


Summer Tech

It’s the August Bank Holiday and time to look at summer tech to take on the road, with everything from the practical to the utter ridiculous!