Digital Protection with Laura Fannin

What juicy details of your personal life can corporations, social networks or governments legally hold on to? The General Data Protection Regulation is coming to protect you and what people know about you.  We get the lowdown from Laura Fannin, a specialist partner in this area from Hayes Solicitors.


AutoEntry AI – Brendan Woods

This week we talk big *** rockets and look at a new AI app for small business, which uses artificial intelligence and mobile technology to beat online accounting systems hands down.




Easy Hack – Derryl Heiland Rapid 7

We bring you up to speed on all the weeks news and find out how easily you can  be hacked with Derryl Heiland from Rapid 7.


Tech, Art and Julie Martin

As part of the Digital Self exhibition at IMMA, we chat with Julie Martin about how you mix art with technology.



Tech Jobs

They say we’ve just come to the end of the most depressing week of the year, which may be why many people go looking for a new job! This week we take a look at the IT jobs market, finding out how IT compares to other sectors and where the opportunities are, along with money and flexibility in hours, and some good tips to top up your CV.


Young Scientists

One of our favourite shows of the year, talking to so many of the inspiring Young Scientists at this years Exhibition in Dublin. Not only that, but we also chat with the first Irish woman going to space.


Hello 2018

How will last years top stories develop through 2018? We look at fake news, Bitcoin, Apple and more to see what’s in store for them in 2018.


Self Drive Deep Dive

This week we dive deeper into automative systems like self-driving cars, and chat with some of Ireland’s foremost researchers from the Irish Software Research Centre, about the technology that is changing the way we drive, and a lot more besides.

The include Dr Edward Jones, whose research looks at how sensors, cameras and even networks combine to make driving safer, Greg Provan about the human element when it comes to control and general common sense, and lastly we ask what lessons can technology learn from genetics with machine learning researcher Conor Ryan.


Self Drive

Google, Tesla and Uber have been leading the way in developing cars that require little or no human supervision on the roads.  However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to autonomous systems, so Niall Kitson spoke with Joe Gibbs, Business Development Manager at Lero, The Irish Software Research Centre, who are looking to change the nature of driving and a lot lot more.


Pervasive Nation Deep Dive

This week, we’re continuing our deep dive into Pervasive Nation, the Internet of Things network powering all kind of business and research projects around Ireland. editor Niall Kitson, has met with three experts from business and academia to discuss their projects, including an unusual way to get data from bikes that may well change the way we get around cities, a fascinating company using sensors to manage ports and a project at Trinity which will change your perception of sensors forever.