Device Addiction with Naomh McElhatton

Take a trip to the dark side of 24/7 connectivity with Smart NI founder and Tech Connect speaker Naomh McElhatton


Nell Watson on the past, present and future of AI

We know AI is changing the world of work but how will it change the way we interact with each other? This week author, entrepreneur and lecturer Nell Watson lays out her vision of the future.


Blockchain for Beginners with Oracle’s Rajan Krishnan

Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin but it has plenty of uses beyond cryptocurrency. This week Oracle’s Group VP of Product Development Rajan Krishnan takes us through the possibilities.


VivoKey’s Dr Patrick Kramer on the Cyborgs among us

This year’s Tech Summit keynote speaker has three goals: do away with your keys, your wallet and a device to connect to the Internet. We sat down with him to find out more.


Tech Summit

From the recent Dublin Tech Summit, we catch up with Bo Ewald, the founder of D-Wave, the first company to bring a quantum computer to market. We also talk to keynote speaker Jordan P Evans from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the inside story behind the Curiosity mission and what comes next for Mars.


Design Thinking – Lesley Tully

Every problem needs and elegant solution and that is what design thinking is about.  One of the best in the field is the Bank of Ireland’s Lesley Tully.  We discover more about her design thinking and how to approach problems from different angles.


HP Boss Gary Tierney

We chat with the MD of HP in Ireland Gary Tierney about the future of the PC and the very interesting strategies they have to remain one of the worlds market leaders in computing.


Shopping Secrets

How does Zalando or other major shopping sites like Amazon know so well what to recommend to you. It’s all in how they mine data. Find out more with Adam Birmingham from Zalando.


Big Foot Digital

We look deeper into Facebook data problems for users with Kevin Koidl, a researcher working on the Big Foot Digital project at the Adapt Centre. We also have good news for Netflix and Sky Sports fans going on holidays!



We find out exactly how Cambridge Analytical got the data of 50 million users, and how Ireland is instrumental in cleaning up Facebook’s data problems. We also hear from Eoin O’Dell at Trinity’s School of Law, how you can protect yourself from being a victim of data theft.