Digital Hub’s Technologist in Residence

We chat to Rodhan Hickey, Digital Hub’s Technologist in Residence, to find out more about the role. We also have news on Facebook privacy features being rolled out first in Ireland and what you can expect from Apple TV+


Tech Tralee

When it comes to tech companies, you will be forgiven for thinking Dublin Dublin Dublin … BUT there is a ton of stuff happening all across the country with many towns north, south and west now becoming Tech Hubs. Niall chatted with Ogie Sheehy, founder and CEO of Viclarity, to find out more about the tech hub in Tralee and how that is going.


New Note 10

We detail the new Samsung Note 10 and why it’s more than just a Samsung flagship smartphone. Also news on the National Broadband Plan and fake reviews.


Shannon Vallor – How Tech Changes Behaviour

This week we revisit Shannon Vallor and a previous interview looking at how technology changes our behaviour and values. Do you get upset when your close friends don’t like some of your Facebook updates? If a celebrity retweets you, would that have more emotional impact than a birthday card from your mother? Discover Shannon’s thoughts on how technology can help us live not just more productive lives, but more ethical ones, too.


Living With Alexa

We’ve had smart speakers for quite some time. How do we feel now the novelty has well and truly worn off. A detailed report. We also check the news this week on the new Windows 10 Start Menu, when the Galaxy Fold will be released and why Facebook’s $5bn fine is actually a bargain for them.


Innovation Incubation and EAT

The future of tech will need a large dose of creativity so Nokia Bell Labs are reaching out to artists worldwide. Find out why science must meet art as Niall Kitson chats with Domhnaill Hernon, Head of Innovation, Incubation and EAT at Nokia Bell Labs.


Ad Mad

Any idea what uses your data can be put to beyond advertising?? We speak with Tracey Browne about a new report called Ask for Evidence which will get you thinking.


Eir Ar Ais

Eir are back with big broadband promises but can they deliver? We also chat with Kevin Koidl from the Adapt Centre about alternative social networks that just might be trustworthy.


Ireland in Space

We look at Ireland’s Space Plan, why Facebook money won’t work and speak with Holly O’Driscoll, an American world leader in design thinking.


White House Tech

Former White House digital strategy advisor Anil Dash chats about tech as a force of good in society and we look at the latest games and consoles from this weeks E3.