819: Remote Working Deep Dive

A deep-dive into remote working with three experts from Logicalis who have their entire staff working remotely. Learn what works and what doesn’t from experts who are living it.

Logicalis is an international solutions provider of digital services currently accelerating the digital transformation of 10,000 customers around the world.


818: Zoom Fatigue and Microsoft Build

From zero to hero, is it possible we’re now tired of Zoom? Some great stories! Also, despite key conference cancellations, Microsoft has gone ahead with its developers week and some really interesting ideas. All on Tech Radio. Play now !


817: Twitter Homework Fail

Twitter Ireland is considering a full time move to home working for employees. Dusty thinks this is a dreadful idea and for good reason.

We hear about that, how Trumps latest shot at Huawei is the opposite of Ireland and why halving of Bitcoin is not such a bad thing.

Finally, we have more of your brilliant ideas to move business online to cope with covid.


816: New MacBook Pro

Find out why our heads have been turned by this weeks brand new MacBook Pro. We explore why Microsoft put a hold on the Surface Neo, which we were really excited to get our hands on, and we get the Q2 results from the major tech companies.


815: Innovators Amaze

One good side to lockdown is the amount of good ideas helping us innovate our way around Covid 19. This weeks show quickly showcases some of the best.


814: Covid Innovation

We share some great stories on how tech people are adapting to the Covid 19 crisis and coming up with some very innovative ideas.


813: Lockdown

Niall and Dusty share the ways their tech life is coping with lockdown.


812: Stranko

Some good news stories regarding Covid-19, bad new story for Apple and we ask what makes a great tech CEO with start-up advisor James Stranko.


811: Remote Working

Grab a host of tips on how to start remote working with everything from how to access your work computer to keeping up with office gossip.


810: Best SciFi Movies of Decade

Best SciFi Movies Ever list is easy! But what about the last ten years? And what about some great sci-fi movies you missed? They are all here for you on our Best SciFi Movies of the Decade List. Enjoy!