Samsung S20

Three new toys from Samsung; a flip phone, the S20 and new wireless buds. Get the lowdown!

Also, after last weeks interview about how AI is being used in Six Nations, we chat with Hesham Shokry Head of AI Engineering at EY to see how AI is used there.


AWS and Six Nations

You might have noticed something different about the kinds of information you’re getting about how Six Nations games are being played. It’s all part of how machine learning is being applied to make sense of the thousands of data points created every moment of a game. Steve Bryen Senior Technical Evangelist with Amazon Web Services and Pierre Visser Technical Consultant at Stats Perform, who are helping to shape this machine learning, talk us through it.



To mark International Data Protection Day, find out how data from regular people like you and I, right up to to Jezz Bezos is collected, used and leaked. Warning; this programme may make you paranoid !!


Irish Uber

We welcome Disney+ and new Netflix projects to Ireland. Also, find out about a project seeking a better way to manage transport in rural Ireland. Niall Kitson spoke with Arvoia’s chief data scientist Dr Susie Harding to find out more.


Movie Phone

Can you really make a movie using just your mobile phone? We find out more with Robert Fitzhugh of the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival.


BT Young Scientists

Amazing ideas abound at the Young Scientists Expo this week. Niall Kitson has been at the RDS to bring you the best!


5G and Industry 4.0

Two great chats to kick off the New Year. The first with Debbie Power, Vodafones manager for IoT and how 5G will change things this year. The second is with the inventor of the phrase Industry 4.0, Henrik von Scheel, about how technology increases automation so you can work less.


How Was 2019?

Which were the five most important tech stories of the year? We chat through them and see what we might expect in 2020.


Data for Good

We check out what Ireland was searching for on Google in 2019 and can’t believe the No.1 ‘How to’ search! Also, your personal data is not just used for targeted advertising. It can be used for good also. We chat with Dr Derick Mitchell about how our information can be used to provide tailored personal services.



Artificial Intelligence is ‘going where no man has gone before’ as NASA enables space probes to wander the universe, decide for themselves what’s interesting and where to go next.

We interviewed NASA’s Head of Artificial Intelligence Dr Steve Chien at Ireland’s National Analytics Summit who shared some amazing insights into the operation.