Whats Missing from Googles Pixel 4

We reveal the massive omission from Googles big Pixel 4 announcement, ponder the chances of success for Facebooks currency and chat with Dr Celine Mullins from Adaptas about how you can learn things faster with less effort.


Future World

With Extinction Rebellion and increases in carbon tax, we are more aware than ever of our role in stopping climate change. But what would a low-carbon world look like at street level? Dr Yvonne Farrell from Grafton Architects has some fantastic ideas they implement in their designs.


Who Will Win the Year

All the major product launches are done, Dusty & Niall look at Microsoft, Samsung, Apple and Amazon to see who ‘won the year’.


Mate 30 Major Flaw

We look at the new Mate 30 from Huawei, discuss it’s biggest flaw and suggest a workaround for it. We also hear from Aimee-Louise Carton about new Irish app ‘KeepAppy’


Truth Behind Data Centres

This week, we’re visiting Park Place, a data centre management company that has made Cork one of its international homes. Their Managing Director Sean Sears sat down to chat with our editor Niall Kitson about what brought the company to Cork, the challenges of running data-centres and how to get & keep young people interested in science & technology.


iPhone 11 Surprises

Lots of little surprises under the radar at Apples September event this week. We make sure you don’t miss a thing. We also have a great interview with Graeme Moore about Ireland hosting European Games Week and the games industry here.


Tech That Changed Our Lives

Which piece of tech totally changed your life? Is it something you look back on now fondly or still in awe? Niall and Dusty share the pieces of tech that changed their lives, some funny, some surprising!


Hacker Interview

We chat with a hacker from the infamous LulzSec group who defaced the websites including the Sun newspaper, took popular websites offline, and dumped user data like email addresses and passwords on public forums. Now a security researcher, Mustafa Al-Bassam, gives us a unique peek at a darker side of the web.


Digital Hub’s Technologist in Residence

We chat to Rodhan Hickey, Digital Hub’s Technologist in Residence, to find out more about the role. We also have news on Facebook privacy features being rolled out first in Ireland and what you can expect from Apple TV+


Tech Tralee

When it comes to tech companies, you will be forgiven for thinking Dublin Dublin Dublin … BUT there is a ton of stuff happening all across the country with many towns north, south and west now becoming Tech Hubs. Niall chatted with Ogie Sheehy, founder and CEO of Viclarity, to find out more about the tech hub in Tralee and how that is going.